1 giugno 2017

About Us


Our company was born in 1972 as Tessitura Vicentina Spa and in 1990 we moved in the centre of Italy, in the Region of Abruzzo under the new name of ITV Industria Tessile del Vomano srl.

In 2009 we got a new plant, a Vertical Setup as Take-over of Filatura San Carlo.

In 2014 and 2016 we won the prestigious Global Denim Awards.

The new plant of about 30k m^2 of covered area was planned and built up using leading edge technologies.

We are able to offer a completely verticalized production using the most advanced spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing techniques.

Research and Development

Our Innovation is forced through sensibilities.

Research and Development innovation activity are focused in development and implementation of processes that upgrade the product positioning Research on the new styles to increase the final product mark-up.

Development of processes and economic implementation to enable industrial feasibility.

Innovation and enginnering solutions from the design to production.

In our Fashion Pilot Plant we develop the customer collection. We enhance the mark-up possibilities of the product result.
We transfer the concept of collection to the customer commercial team by portraying each garment's identity.

To improve our quality we made a solid Area Test. Our equipped laboratory contains all the necessary equipment to analyse all the materials used for the construction of the fabric.

Mission & Values

We want to be the future.

To shape the future of denim innovating through an unrivaled fashion sensibility.

We contibute to our customer's success by providing a complete offer of solutions. We make possible a "customer peace of mind" from the Design to Engineering process.

We believe in a strong ethical approach, indeed, we provide a tailor made premium service according to the latest sustainable standards in respect of our collaborators.

Our team is made by professionals with high expertise backgroung in the garment industry which is the keystone of the company.
We have designer, product managers, pattern makers and thextile engineers that assure a complete and confident follow-up in the whole productive process.

The constant feedback from retailers, brands and production facilities guarantee high level of expertise in denim processing, garment dyeing.


Our Company believes in respect for the enviroment, for this reason we have designed a water treatment plant with a capacity of 6k cubic meters with an initial chemical-physical treatment followed by a biological treatment suitable for all the different types of waste from our processing.

This means that our waste water is ecologically controlled as well as perfectly in the line with the current norms on the subject of enviromental management.

Futhermore we can claim a tottaly reinvented product heritage innovation, indeed, we use BCI Cotton and Organic Cotton.

This was also a reason to find new way to use Natural & Recycles Fibres.